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Education is a right not a privilege and yet even in Canada, circumstances exist that prevent children from being able to attend school. We are committed to funding and supporting programs whose mandates are education focused.

Mental Health & Wellness

1 in 5 Canadians will suffer from a mental health issue in their lifetime. How many have the coping tools needed to address it properly? We fund programs that address mental health and well-being in youth.


Youth are our future. We must invest in them. Empowering and supporting youth is the only way to break the cycle of poverty. We must see suicide rates go down and youth given the coping skills they need to better manage their challenging world.

Why Focusing on Mental Health is Important

The Marlin Spring Foundation has partnered with WE Charity to launch a multi-year program aimed at educating students between the ages of 10-12 on mental health awareness. The program teaches tools and steps youth can take to learn coping strategies and how to process feelings and emotions. Together with educators in classrooms, we aim to help break the stigma associated with mental health and encourage students to ask questions and talk to their peers, family and teachers.

Marlin Spring Foundation Submission Process

The Foundation makes decisions on its commitments bi-annually. Submissions are welcome in written format. We will confirm receipt and respond further once having reviewed your proposal and your grant request. We look forward to changing the world with you!